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It’s uncomfortable—You want to throw in the towel… we’ve all been there. You get this overwhelming sensation that you’ve reached your limit. AND maybe, just maybe it’s time to call it quits. ✖️

⭐️⭐️BUT what separates the successful from the mediocre is all in the way they think— it’s all about MINDSET. ⭐️⭐️

In that moment of choice you can either succumb to the voice inside your head that tells you that your not good enough, that you can’t possibly do one more rep, that you can’t achieve x,y, or z…OR you can shut that noise down and know that you are capable of reaching your goals.😊

You are strong, you are able, you are HERE. 💙

So, my test for you this week is tune into your inner dialogue. Is it self-motivating or does it often lead you down the path of self-doubt?🤔

Maybe it’s about time that we retrain the way we think. 💭