Time to Tighten Up Your Mindset, Your Meals, and Your Workouts!

What is included :

??‍♀️??‍?2 Accountability Coaches 

?Carb Cycle Meal Plan 

?Tighten Up Tracker 

?️‍♀️At- Home Workouts from our Tighten Up Exclusive

?‍♀️FB Accountability Group w/ Daily post to help with {Mindset, Meal Prep, and Workouts}

??Give-Aways and Prizes 

Kick Off Date: September 28th

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30 day Tighten Up

The first 30 day tighten up I lost 8 pounds! I saw results that I haven’t seen in years. Before then I was stuck in a cycle of “my eating is ok and I’m not losing weight”. I was very frustrated and discouraged. This program was laid out very clearly which took the guess work out of what I was eating- which is typically my downfall. The 30 Day Tighten Up also showed me that maybe I wasn’t eating as clean as I thought and that I am still capable of losing weight and achieving my goals! Can’t wait to start the next round.??



I started this fitness journey what seems like forever ago. BUT I REALLY like really started my new lifestyle change May 19th- with the 30 Day Tighten UP . This program had me start with logging my food, and then progressed every week with a new goal. Not a weight loss goal instead small goals that could be achieved every week. For example, logging my foods and at least 3 workouts a week. Week 1 weigh in I lost 2 pounds!  And I that to me felt great – I was finally seeing results. As the program continued before I knew it it had been 30 days and I was 10 POUNDS down!!!! I felt better, I was stronger in my workouts, and I actually enjoyed my meals!! I have been through the program twice and I am currently 15pounds down that’s with a beach trip snuck in there :):) 

I am excited to continue the next round of the 30 day Tighten Up because I am feeling better than I have in a very LONG time.??



I have to be honest the 30 day tighten up was a challenge at first because I had to play around with my food. It helped to talk with Jennifer and she helped me plan what I was going to eat the day before. After Jennifer continued to work with me I started LOVING the program.  It takes some effort, but it is worth it! I personally felt really good during my carb cycling. I actually had more energy during exercise. I felt like my endurance was better and I was performing better. This program help with my accountability of being disciplined and didn’t cheat at all during my 2-week carb cycle.  I definitely tightened up and lost a few inches!  I can’t wait for the next round. 



Are you ready? It is time to TIGHTEN UP YOUR LIFE!

Our 30 Day Tighten UP program will be starting September 28th.

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