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You know the saying right… When something “works,” do more of it. Few things have had such a positive impact on me more in the last few years than refining my goal-setting process and the process we use with our clients… I know that it’s easy to think:  “Goals? I’ve got that already”.  And I […]

Pineapple BBQ Meatballs, Oh MY!

You can thank me later for this… It’s an insanely awesome (and easy) recipe that’s perfect for your own holiday parties, or to bring with you to a potluck. These meatballs are healthy, but no one eating them would ever know!  They’re a little tangy, a little sweet, and packed with a lot of protein […]

WWL’s Great Day Louisiana Promo

Check out the latest promo for WWL’s new segment, ‘Great Day Louisiana’. Triumph Fitness’ Jennifer Maraist and others will be featured on the show giving lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition tips to make your day great.