You know the saying right…

When something “works,” do more of it.

Few things have had such a positive impact on me more in the last few years than refining my goal-setting process and the process we use with our clients…

I know that it’s easy to think: 

“Goals? I’ve got that already”. 

And I used to think the same thing.

I’d make a list.  I’d just write down my goals like doing that was somehow going to magically make them happen. 

But it wasn’t until I realized that the same goals were back on my list the following year that I understood that my “process” wasn’t working.

Something was broken.  

I’d feel frustrated and disappointed with myself… like I should have been “more disciplined” or have “done more.”

Let me just say this…



It’s simply about having a better process for achieving what really matters.

In fact, after I went through this process the first time, I began to encourage everyone I know to go through it as well.

And now it’s part of our planning process with all of our clients and it’s a part of why they’re finally checking those goals off of their yearly list.

It’s a way for us to get aligned around what we want to accomplish. Get clear about what’s important. Connect at a deeper level with the things that we want to achieve most in our lives.

If we didn’t have a process to follow, it wouldn’t happen.


EVERY time we’ve gone through this process with our members, 3 important things have consistently happened:

1) They make immense progress towards their weight loss goals

2) They are able to really dial into what is important to them and WHY

3) It gives them clarity on what is NOT important in their lives, which frees them up to spend more time on the things that matter most and the people that matter most


Does this process guarantee you’ll hit every goal you set? 

Of course not. In fact, I missed one of my goals this year, but I’m so thankful for the progress I’ve made towards it because I’m a whole heck of a lot closer to reaching it than before.

But I’m proud to say I did hit most of my other ones!

So it has been an AMAZING year – and a HUGE reason is that I knew exactly what I wanted and this process gave me clarity on how to make it happen.

I want that for you as well, for your weight loss goals and beyond.

That’s why I strongly recommend you come to my One Word – Goal Setting Workshop on January 11th @10:30AM – 5626 Jefferson Hwy. 

To reserve your spot – {CLICK HERE}

The only “bad news” is that after DEADLINE TO REGISTER or the NUMBER of seats are filled, the workshop will no longer be available.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

TIME to Tighten Up YOUR LIFE!
Jennifer Maraist
Founder of Triumph Fitness and Tighten Up Exclusive