Scared is the feeling, and brave is the doing. Six months ago I did a couple very BRAVE things. I took two BIG steps to living out my long-time dream.

The first decision was to fully commit to my more-than-half-my-life dream to become a Life Coach. I started the process with the John Maxwell Team in March 2019, and completed the certification as a Speaker, Trainer & Coach in August 2019. This included weekly online classes ending in a four-day in person training program. That weekend my deep passion to support people increasing joy and fulfillment in their daily live was confirmed yet again. Now what? Yes, I know exactly what I want to do, but how do I start???

The second decision was to post about my biggest dream on Facebook for the entire world to read, respond, judge……… I am not a big personal FB post person. I like to share memes and the occasional kid photo, usually around first day of school and birthdays. This post was my most vulnerable and still gives me a little angst thinking back right this moment…….. However, I shared about my excitement, my weekend and asked for people to reply to me about the possibility coaching. Thankfully, the encouragement and comments received were incredibly positive and validating. There were more than 150 comments, and one lone brave reply saying YES to coaching. Jennifer’s YES has led to the creation of Mindset Mastermind group coaching, and my role as Mindset Coach for Triumph Fitness! I am grateful to be part of this incredibly special community.

So now, I’m wondering about your dream or dreams. Or the little places you are feeling stuck…… Or knowing you desire more…… AND unsure where to begin……. OR how to get clarity……… Here is YOUR moment to be BRAVE. Join our next Mindset Mastermind and/or schedule a complimentary coaching session. Your life can be more fulfilling and joy-filled everyday. Let’s chat soon. You can call or message me. No need to post on Facebook at this point. It can be between us for now and still feel BRAVE!

Written By: Kelli Towers, Mindset Coach

I became a certified Mindset Coach and started Keep Pedaling LLC because I believe each person’s voice brings unique value to this world and needs to be heard. We each have challenges and noise in our daily lives. These distractions and energy drains steal precious moments of our life everyday. Let’s meet and explore strategies to hear your OWN voice, to crush goals and to define your best life.