TRIUMPH Fitness is the world class team training boutique fitness studio.

TRIUMPH is not just an achievement, it’s a lifestyle!

The Triumph Tighten Up Brand was co-founded by husband and wife duo: Jennifer and Brett Maraist. Their love for health and wellness came from each having a personal story to tell. They both have had transformations and both understand what it is like to NOT be where you want to be.

Our Wellness Philosophy lies on three pillars of health

Mindset, Movement, Macro & Meal Planning

Jennifer’s weight-loss journey and Brett’s muscle gain have both turned into a personal growth journey where they each have become more confident in themselves and the impression they want to leave on others. Thus, how TRIUMPH FITNESS (2017) was born. They truly believe it is their mission in life to inspire others to live the life they have always dreamed of, not just with health goals but personal goals, that come along with feeling their best.

After Covid, Jennifer kept hearing the members of Triumph Fitness talk about needing help in learning about macro and meal prepping. So, she gathered a team together (from Triumph Fitness), and they agreed on the vision of Tighten Up To Go (2021). It is our mission at the Triumph Tighten Up Brand to help create a world where everyone wakes up feeling TRIUMPHANT because they are inspired. Through our world-class small group team training, personal training, nutritional coaching, and NOW Meal Prep, we will lead our tribe to TRIUMPHANT, inspired, and healthy individuals.

The Triumph Studio and Tighten Up To-Go

Both located in the heart of Elmwood, our studio offers a large space with a positive environment, and To Go offers a variety of macro friendly meal choices, protein snacks and shakes. Our staff have a lot of experience assisting you with your fitness and nutrition goals. We look forward to helping you Tighten Up Your Life.

Meet Our Triumph Team

We have a talented team of trainers, coaches, dietitians, chefs, and more — all ready to help you in your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Our Team